Tools For NUCCA Chiropractic Practitioners

Developed by Dr. Jordan Weeda, DC

The field of Chiropractic research is growing at an incredible rate. Practitioners across the globe are fueling this growth as they seek to improve both themselves and their technique. This page is dedicated to those people. I have posted here my contributions to Chiropractic thus far. I welcome practitioners in the field to incorporate these tools into practice and implore you to contribute your own developments!chiropractic uses for the Wii

Current Developments

WiiTM Center of Gravity Application for Mac

I have spent the last several months working with a Dutch computer programmer to develop this application. The idea was hatched during a Russell Friedman seminar, and I’ve finally seen it come through. The most exciting part for me is that this is an OPEN SOURCE and FREEWARE application. This means that it is available at no cost and that we all can contribute to making it better.

This application connects a WiiFitTMBalance Board to your Mac computer via Bluetooth. It uses the Balance Board’s sensitive onboard 4-quadrant scale system to calculate a client’s center of gravity and track it over a specified period of time. Also integrated into the application is a data assessment that calculates an average center of gravity displacement in x and y coordinates—a vast improvement from the one-dimensional bilateral scale system.

The screen shot above (click to enlarge) shows my own 10-second dynamic center of gravity reading. I obviously need to be adjusted!

This application is both an easily portable screening tool and reliable accurate clinical analysis. It shows graphically to a client “where they stand.” It also gives solid, objective data to record pre- and post- adjustment.All you need to get started is a Mac with Bluetooth (any old Mac laptop will do) and a WiiFitTMBalance Board.

Please use this application and respond to me with your comments and ideas. We can always improve it more!

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All-in-One NUCCA X-ray Analysis Instrument

While at Life Chiropractic College West I began to develop an x-ray analysis instrument that combined the existing NUCCA instruments into one tool and made several improvements. I designed the first prototypes on a CAD program on my computer. The first hardcopies gave others and me a chance to experiment. Dr. Michael Zabelin, Dr. Lee Yardley, and Dr. Dan Erickson of NUCCA and several fellow colleagues at Lifewest all contributed ideas to the development of this instrument.


The All-in-One Instrument combines 9 tools into one easy to use analysis instrument. The efficient design saves significant time in analysis. This is because the doctor no longer needs to switch tools, and because a few other time saving improvements have been made. It also saves money. Less material and time is required to make this instrument so its cost is roughly equivalent to a NUCCA cephalometer.

The instrument is made of CNC milled acrylic with a red paint infill. It is computer designed and milled for incredible accuracy.

Combines 9 tools into one! Save Time and Money!

Cephalometer Circumscale Relatoscope Vertex Square Centering Ruler Protractor Compass T-square 3/32” Notch Click the “Buy Now” button below to add this tool to your practice today!