The Chiropractic Experience

Your Initial Three Chiropractic Visits ~ The New Patient Series  

Day 1: Your First Appointment

Goal Setting, Examination and Xrays

ashland chiropractorWhen you first arrive at the Wellspring Centre you are welcomed and invited to the consultation area. Because you’ve already completed the Chiropractic intake form online, Dr. Jordan and Dr. March have all of the basic information needed and are now able to focus on hearing what’s on your mind and aligning with your health goals.

Next, the Doctor will conduct a chiropractic and NUCCA specific examination. This provides invaluable indications by which we will measure your progress in appointments to come. The Doctor will take three very specific, low exposure, digital x-rays which he will analyze to determine your unique spinal imbalance, and tailor an individualized adjustment to correct it.


Day 2: Your Second Appointment 

Report of Findings and First Adjustment

best chiropractor ashland oregonWhen you return the following day or shortly after your examination, the Doctor will go over the Report of Findings and make recommendations for care, you will experience your first adjustment, and what it feels like to be in a balanced body.

What an adjustment looks like: You will lie on your side on a specialized adjusting table and feel a gentle touch behind your ear as the Doctor applies a gentle force along the vector he determined from the x-rays. After this gentle correction the doctor will re-assess your alignment either by having you stand on the balance board or monitoring your body with calipers. After this confirmation that the spinal imbalance has been corrected, and you have confirmed feeling centered, you will be invited integrate the adjustment by resting in the HumanTouch Zero-Gravity lounge chairs in our resting suite.

Results of Your Chiropractic Treatment 

zero gravity spinal chair
Zero Gravity Reclining Chair

Now that your body is in balance you may have a variety of experiences: you may feel an incredible sense of energy, you may feel tired and want to sleep, you may feel subtle changes daily, you may feel pain vanish, you may feel a brief intensification of a symptom before it vanishes. All of these are normal and indicate the body has gone through a major shift. These all are part of your unique healing process.

As you progress through care you will gain a deeper body sense. As you gain stability you will become aware of when you are off balance. Soon you will staying in balance for longer periods of time. This is the phase we call resiliency. When your body is resilient, events that may affect your alignment are easily corrected from within, by your bodies innate healing ability.


Day 6: Your Third Visit Second Adjustment & Creating a plan of action

About a week after your first adjustment you will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment and second adjustment. Based on your resiliency at this time the Doctor will suggest a plan of action to specifically meet your health goals. This Care Plan will outline a series of appointments ensuring you meet your fullest health potential to truly live in alignment.