Looking For A Good Chiropractor In Medford Oregon?

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Medford, Oregon I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that I work with patients in Medford, Oregon but my office is located in Ashland. However, there is a good reason why people in Medford drive to Ashland to receive treatment from me.

I am the only chiropractor between Eugene and San Francisco that specializes in the NUCCA chiropractic technique.

What Is NUCCA?

and Why Would Your Drive To Ashland From Medford To See A Chiropractor?

A primary characteristic that makes NUCCA spinal care unique is the extremely gentle adjustment at the upper neck.  A NUCCA adjustment doesn’t required any more pressure than you would comfortably put on your eyelid.  My patients are always astounded that such a light amount of pressure can create such significant, lasting changes in the body. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the Testimonials from current and past patients.

A NUCCA doctor focuses on the upper neck, but is concerned about the overall health of the spine and central nervous system.  We adjust the spine from the atlas (C1), the first bone in the neck, because this is the only place where the entire spine and pelvis can be addressed as a functional unit.  This is because when we balance the delicate relationship between the head and neck, the neurological loops between the spine and the brain stem are brought back into balance.  The majority of spinal posture is controlled by subconscious muscle control programs in the brain stem.  In my office I consistently see patients with one leg shorter than the other, a low hip, and a low shoulder.  These “out of balance” factors return to balance during the first spinal correction and, with the proper support and care, stay in balance.

How do I know if I’m out of balance?

Pain is the most common factor that tells people that they are out of balance.  One easy way to see for yourself however is to look in the mirror!  Does one shoulder sit lower than the other?  Does your head tilt to one side?  Is your chin not centered over your body?  Do you have one leg shorter than the other?   

What causes spinal imbalance to happen?

There are a variety of factors, but some of the most common ones are motor vehicle accidents, falls, blows to the head, even the birth process.  Daily emotional stress contribute to the breakdown as well.

How can you help?

At Wellspring Centre for Body Balance we specialize in helping people get their bodies back into balance.  Dr. Jordan Weeda, DC specializes in the safe, gentle, and effective NUCCA technique. He has helped hundreds of Southern Oregon residents get back into balance, and stop living in pain!  Call us today to schedule a free consultation at 541-482-2021 or fill out our new patient form. The initial consultation is free.

I understand that finding a chiropractor in Medford is big convenience for you if that is where you live and work. However, I think you, like all of our other patients in Medford, will find the 15 minute drive to Ashland is well worth it. The little extra time driving is worth the healing and relief getting your body back in balance will bring to you. In fact many of our patients drive from places like Mt. Shasta, Weed, and Yreka in Northern California, and Klamath Falls, Williams, Grants Pass, and Cave Junction in Southern Oregon!

A little more information about me. 

People often ask me, “Jordan, why did you decide to become a NUCCA doctor?”  My answer is simple.  “Because it works, and it makes sense.”  After I graduated from the University of North Dakota with Honors I researched chiropractic and chiropractic colleges.  I discovered that not all chiropractic colleges are created equally.  I also learned that chiropractic has a rich and vibrant philosophy of human potential and the body’s ability to heal itself.  My research led me to Life Chiropractic College West, in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Many chiropractors I visited with both LifeWest alumni and non-alumni all gave this chiropractic school highest marks, not only because it leads the nation in scientific resources, but in technical application, while fully embracing the rich and vibrant philosophy of chiropractic. 

I didn’t learn about NUCCA until I started my study at Lifewest.  I was immediately drawn to the fact that it gave a very scientific connection between the technical application of chiropractic principles and results that validated the philosophy.  NUCCA shows that when the spine is gently brought back to its optimal state of alignment the body begins to heal itself much more efficiently.  Even while I was still in the intern phase of my clinical experience I saw amazing results with migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and hypertension (high blood pressure) in my own patients!

Don’t suffer any longer!

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