We believe in your INNATE ability to be healthy!

In the past few weeks, we’ve introduced you to our DREAM Complete Liquid MulitivaminRapid Ease Topical Pain Relief, and Dream Flex Joint Support.  The next three supplements we want you to get to know all come from the same company, INNATE.  Before we introduce you to the INNATE products we carry, we want to tell you why the INNATE brand is one of our favorites, and why we carry more supplements from them than from any other supplier.

The INNATE Brand:  Most of the nutritional supplements we carry come from the INNATE family of products.  Like Wellspring Centre, the INNATE company believes that our bodies have an innate ability to be well when properly supported, and that is what INNATE seeks to do with their supplements:  support the body so that it remembers how to be well.  Also like Wellspring Centre, INNATE believes in an holistic approach to wellness, choosing whole foods and herbs as the basis for all their supplements in the belief that nature provides more complete sources of nutrition than anything that can be formulated by a human in a lab.  Finally, the INNATE brand shares our commitment to the greater whole, by supporting family farms that use organic farming methods free of GMOs to care for the health of the earth, and seeking to source all their ingredients from fairly-traded sources to care for the well-being of the human family.  We honor the values of the INNATE company because we share them, and we believe that their values lead them to produce superior products, just as the values that are the foundation of Wellspring Centre lead us to provide superior care to our community.  Check your inbox next week to find out which INNATE products we make sure to always have on hand to meet your needs.