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When I first came in to see Dr. March I was taking pain medication for my severe migraines, neck and back pain daily. I was physically and emotionally completely off-balance. After seeing Dr. March regularly over the course of several months I am now completely off pain medication, rarely have pain and happier. Thank you Dr. March!  
- Amelia M.

What our patients think of us:

I have been seeing Dr. Weeda for a few months, and I have experienced dramatic improvements from the very first visit! I went in with a number of structural problems – scoliosis, short leg, chronic sore neck, etc. Now, my legs are equal in length, my posture is straight, and I’m able to breathe deeply again. All of these improvements have allowed me to lead a more active life. Dr. Weeda’s expertise in Nucca allows major health benefits to occur through his gentle chiropractic technique. I am so greatful for Dr. Weeda and his staff! - Donna

Why trust Wellspring Centre for Body Balance?

Feel Better. Work Better. Live Better.



You will be amazed by your own capacity to heal, recover and achieve a new “normal” level of health. Many people come to our office for help with their pain or dysfunction, yet discover that many other areas of their health improve as well. While there are more than 60,000 Chiropractors in the USA, less than .03% has the specialized training and education to provide the NUCCA Care you will experience at Wellspring Centre for Body Balance.


You will experience the highest quality spinal care without any cracking, twisting or popping. Our care is safe, gentle, painless, and may be a solution to your problem, when even drugs, surgery, or other forms of chiropractic have failed.The precision we use allows us to work smarter, not harder. We are so gentle, we are even perfect for infants and newborns.


In addition to experiencing the highest quality spinal care, you will also experience impeccable service. We are dedicated to providing you with a positive patient experience, excellent personal service and genuine compassion. We help people like you to improve their health and well-being with each visit–all necessary to the healing process–allowing us to take part in chiropractic miracles that bless, fulfill, and humble our hearts.

The Doctors of Wellspring Centre for Body Balance

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The treatment and support of Dr. Jordan & Staff has been encouraging. Dr. Jordan is dedicated and very effective in analyzing and addressing my whole body situation and condition ~ I am improving and am encouraged to be able to walk again (and wear shoes!!!) Dr. Jordan also is improving function of old injuries. Thank you! - Judith

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