Ashland Green Chiropractor

wellspring centre for body balanceSustainability – the philosophy that guides our life choices.  

Wellspring Centre for Body Balance is grounded in Sustainability. In every aspect of our practice, from our office to our approach to the human frame, conservancy and natural cycles guide our decisions. 

The Wellspring Centre:

Our minimal remodel of our office space ensured little waste in the landfill. We chose natural-pigment VOC free paints, and salvaged or locally-crafted furnishings.

Our x-ray suite is chemical free. By adapting refurbished x-ray equipment to a digital image acquisition system we have eliminated the use of thousands of gallons of toxic developing chemicals and silver based film. Our digital system utilizes specific x-ray filters and precise alignment to ensure the lowest possible dose in chiropractic radiology. 

Our Chiropractic Approach:

The NUCCA approach to chiropractic treats misalignment in the human frame with a “Less is More” philosophy. NUCCA chiropractors seek to only adjust when absolutely necessary. Our practice objective is to restore body balance and to simply allow the body to do what it does best without our interference: heal.