Ashland Chiropractic Center For Body Balance

What is Body Balance?

Body balance refers to a complete state of structural, physiological, energetic, and spiritual homeostasis.balanced-stones-2 Alignment and harmonious function are also synonymous.

From a physical standpoint, when the body is in alignment and balance, gravitational stress on the system is distributed equally throughout. A balanced relationship with gravity reduces the overall stress on the body. This allows for greater ease and efficiency in the physiology and energetic systems of the body.

In a spiritual sense, to be in balance means to be in alignment with true Self, Spirit, or God.

At Wellspring Centre for Body Balance we see these parts as all part of one—the fully integrated being.

Our Approach To Chiropractic

nucca ashland oregon, nucca chiropractorWe seek to restore the natural, normal and comfortable state of body balance for our clients through the application of the gentle NUCCA technique. NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) is a science-based approach to chiropractic that does not use any popping, twisting, or cracking of the neck, and addresses the uniquely appropriate spinal imbalance of each individual.

Discovering Your Unique Spinal Alignment

The NUCCA approach addresses a primary source of structural and neurological imbalance where the head and neck meet. NUCCA practitioners use precisely aligned low-exposure x-rays to carefully calculate each clients unique spinal imbalance. Center of gravity, posture, and leg length inequality are measured using advanced technology and specific procedures to gain deeper insight.

All this information coalesces to create a specific adjustment designed to correct the spinal imbalance. Correction of the spinal imbalance is confirmed via x-ray, and re-assessment of center of gravity, posture, and leg length.

Addressing the Root Creates Lasting Healing

The basic idea behind the NUCCA spinal correction is to “put the head on straight.” Body balance results body balance ashland oregonbecause bio-mechanics are normalized, neurological stress is diminished, and the mind-body connection is facilitated.While many practitioners focus on the rehabilitative phase primarily, they do not necessarily correct the underlying cause of the issue. This produces only temporary, symptomatic relief without long term healing or stability. At Wellspring Centre for Body Balance, we are sensitive to your symptoms, but focus on underlying cause and recovery. This is the best approach for real healing and lasting relief from pain and injury.

What makes NUCCA unique?

The NUCCA technique utilizes:

  • 3D composite x-ray analysis to measure distorted spinal mechanics at the base of the skull
  • Digital and laser based posture assessment
  • Outcome assessment digital x-ray analysis to ensure that the misalignment has been corrected
  • A single contact point to address full spinal balance – no popping, twisting, or cracking
  • Normalization of neurofeedback loops and spinal fluid dynamics

Supportive/Adjunctive Care

To aid in the efficiency of the unwinding process our patients go through, we may also utilize some other soft tissue and extremity management techniques.

Dr. Jordan is trained and very skilled at working with:

  • Compensatory muscle shortening in the cervical spine which often results from years of spinal imbalance
  • Dural restrictions throughout the spinal cord which may result from trauma
  • Gait and foot bio-mechanics which play a significant role in overall spinal balance as well.

In addition, Dr. Jordan is trained and certified by Sole Supports tm to fit custom individualized functional foot orthotics for cases that need additional functional support.

Creating Long-Term Change

We seek to establish a new physiological baseline by targeting the primary source of disorder. Once a new stable psychophysiological baseline pattern is established, the nervous system will strive to maintain and match that new pattern. In this case self-regulation is the automatic response–the key to enabling long term change.