Acupuncture Originated in China over 3,000 years ago and is still used today, making it one of the oldest and most commonly used Medical Procedures in the World! It is based on the belief that living beings have a vital energy called “Qi” that circulates through twelve energy lines known as meridians in the body. Each meridian is associated with a different organ system, and an imbalance in the flow of qi throughout a meridian is how disease begins.

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Western Science has shown that Acupuncture stimulates the release of pain-relieving endorphins, influences the release of Neurotransmitters (chemicals that transmit nerve impulses to the brain), influences the autonomic nervous system, stimulates circulation and has an effect on the electrical currents of the body.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal medicine is a major aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which focuses on restoring and balancing energy in the body in order to maintain health. Complex combinations of herbs, minerals and plant extracts are used to treat underlying patterns that are the root cause of the illness.

Timber mainly utilizes concentrated Herbal Tinctures (herbs preserved in grain alcohol) and Tea Pills (preformed pills from Ancient Chinese Formulas) to treat a wide variety of conditions including colds and flus, allergies, fatigue, poor concentration, digestive upset, sleep disorders, stress and many other types of common symptoms.


Cupping Therapy is a technique where glass cups are placed over various body parts and the skin is sucked into the cup by heating the cup with fire to reduce air pressure. Cupping is used to draw out toxins, reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation, boost the immune system, clear phlegm and promote healthy movement of energy or “Qi” in the body. A method known as sliding cupping is used to incorporate the benefits of stationary cupping with deep tissue massage to release tight muscles and trigger points.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a type of scraping therapy that is used to release the muscle layer under the surface of the skin in acute and chronic disorders. This technique can be used to prevent and treat common colds and flus, respiratory disorders and many types of pain. Gua Sha increases circulation, releases tight muscles, vents heat from the body and stimulates the immune system. The scraping is typically done with a ceramic spoon, a flat piece of jade or water buffalo horn.

Tuina Massage/bodywork

This ancient form of massage focuses on the muskuloskeletal system, combining the use of range of motion, traction and massage while stimulating acupressure points. It is commonly used to rectify anatomical strictures, alter the energy state of the biological system and adjust the bio-information of the body. For soft tissue injuries, Tuina relaxes muscles and tendons and promotes blood circulation to reduce pain and inflammation. Pediatric Tuina is often utilized as an alternative to Acupuncture in treating ailments in infants and children.

Facial Rejuvenation

Chinese Medicine can provide a safe, effective, natural, non-surgical and drug free approach to reduce signs of aging. Timber utilizes Acupuncture, Specialized Facial Cups, Gua Sha, Massage and Micro-Current (Electrical Stimulation) to reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles, increase muscle tone, circulation and collagen production in the face, tighten pores, remove puffiness and dark circles from under the eyes, and re-hydrate, soften and smooth facial tissues to create a younger looking you.

Needle-less Acupuncture~great for sensitive people


is a combination of Color Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy and Light Therapy that is based off of stimulation of Chinese Meridians and Acupuncture Points. It is performed with a hand held tool on the surface of the skin. This technique is very gentle, effective, non invasive and pain free making it a wonderful alternative for infants, children, elderly and those who do not like Traditional Acupuncture.

~Shoni Shin

is a specialized form of treatment for infants and children, it is a very gentle specialized type of treatment that children find comfortable and even pleasurable. Techniques involve rhythmic stroking, rubbing, tapping, and pressing the skin to give different kinds of stimulation. Various types of small hand held tools are also used for acupressure. These techniques harmonize and fortify the child’s vital energy, and strengthen the child’s constitution/immune system.


involves applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. In reflexology there are points and zones on the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to specific organs, bones and body systems. Practitioners access these points on the feet and hands (bottom, sides, and top) and the ear (both inside as far as the finger can reach and outside) to affect organs and systems throughout the entire body.

~Clinical Aroma Acu-Point Therapy

involves the application of Essential Oils to Acupuncture Points. Authentic medicinal quality essential oils are highly vibrational in nature. They are useful for moving qi, nourishing the organs, balancing hormones, shifting moods and emotions, and creating higher states of consciousness. They act medicinally by stimulating the olfactory nerves, reaching the limbic part of the brain. The oils then travel to the hypothalamus and endocrine system, thereby stimulating neuro-hormonal responses. Essential Oils can be applied with acupressure or massaged into reflexology points on the hands and feet or they can be used to enhance Acupuncture treatments. Timber only uses Organic Essential Oils as she feels it is very important to use top quality oils since they are absorbed through the skin and into the body and bloodstream. 

Welcome to your Acupuncture experience in Ashland, Oregon.

Your first visit with Timber Hart, LAc, is a 90 minute session. Please bring your completed intake form with you to this visit. Timber will do a full Chinese Medicine exam and review your health history. The diagnostic test performed will give Timber knowledge of how to treat your conditions and get you back to your health goals! On your first visit you will receive your first treatment.

Timber Hart, LAc.
Timber Hart, LAc.

Acupuncture sessions are typically 60 minutes. Timber has extensive knowledge in Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, acupressure, color puncture and aroma-puncture (the use of essential oils to support the healing process). This is guaranteed to be the most thorough acupuncture session in Southern Oregon. Timber’s inherent welcoming nature and extensive knowledge base have proven to get patients to the life you always thought possible, symptom free.

After your session you may notice an array of healing indicators. Talk with Timber about post-acupuncture self care.

Timber offers new patients a complimentary 15 minute consultation. If you have been considering acupuncture in the Rogue Valley and have questions. Please call Wellspring Centre to schedule your free consultation. 541-482-2021